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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Becoming a Dream Catcher

The Way The Dream Began
Though it is always difficult to pen a recount your life, it is almost always necessary to do so... when you want what you’re about to say to be real. In this case, as I work on this development of a writing style, as unique to readers as I am to my world, it is particularly painful. The stories you will read not only come from my imagination, but are also my reality. As I draw these words from deep within, it makes me dizzy. This style of writing will be used to provoke images from words and draw my readers into a fantasy world in the manner of a dream.
These very stories, though as I said come from my own reality, are too invoked through dreams. A dream came to me one night while I apparently tried to work through all of the thoughts, fears, hopes, and realizations of the current twisted version of reality my life has become. To this dream I can only be grateful, for it has allowed me to see that anyone can wake up from a nightmare, because this dream was full of love and beauty. While the sharp-edged pieces from the broken mirror to my soul swirl through my mind, (like the stars that spin around a cartoon character when they have a piano fall from a third story window onto them)... I am beginning to envision a light to the end of my smog filled tunnel. Picking up the pieces a broken mirror should always be done carefully, but none the less, it should be done... before you get cut.
You will get to dare through these adventurous glimpses of my story in the image of me. You should imagine these stories from a woman's point of view, even if you are a man. For the truly daring, imagine it is yourself. I warn you only because you will be taken on a very emotional quest to seek out the true meaning of love and life (sorry men, but it is really about this woman, so you may just have to settle for being a passenger on this one). I invite you to laugh, cry, scream, be silent, dissipate and energize as we travel along this road together. This stories have multiple purposes. I will be creating them to not only develop a style that will allow my readers to become the story and live the story, but also to help me on my spiritual path... a healing process I have been meaning to endure. You will find that this style does not require dialogue because I invite you to create your own.
So to all of my passengers, hold on and take a ride with me. To all of you who are willing to take the drivers means stop and green means go. Never forget that going too fast can get you pulled over, while going too slow may take you forever... to get to your destination.

Peace and be well,

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