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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Life of a Love

First, you must relax and imagine. You are a violin. Your music is sweet. Your sleek wooden body shines from careful polish and your strings are made of fine spun gold. You have the most gentle player. He cherishes the sound you harmoniously make together, and your strings connect you through your hearts. With his bow of silk, he plays your notes and as the music pours out of his soul, you are alive. You are singing. Your voice begins to spill into the space surrounding you. It is a red as deep as the scarlet of a perfect rose. You paint the space with your color, and as he breathes, it turns into mist. This mist is becoming as sweet as your music. This seduces your player and as he plays the strings of your love, his timing begins to race. He begins to taste the sweet and it is rich and indulgent to him. Your voice purrs with delight in the ecstasy of this exchange of love. As his heart races on, the speed of the music accelerates. The color is spilling out at a rhythm so intense, you can barely keep up. As you play and play, your gentle master is so seduced that now his is aggressive. Just as you are about to spill your last ounce of color, one of your golden strings snaps to a break. He is jolted to a halt in his playing. The abrupt end to the seduction stops his heart, mid-beat. The sweet taste from your mist begins to dissipate and gravitate toward the ground. You no longer fill the air and paint your space. Your connection is gone and soul turns back to wooden body.
The song is over.
Your player looses his firm grip and you fall to the ground. A hard, cold marble floor slaps against your body. You, once this seductive sweet intense loving music, are now lying broken and cold.Your player is gone. As you lye broken and heartless, you weep for the music you were once able to play. You wonder if you will ever be repaired and cherished ever again. You remember the sweet song of your crazy love and drift into a sleep. The solace of your slumber is interrupted with the slam of a door. Your player has returned. You begin to feel anticipation of his arrival as he moves toward you. You are excited at his return. He reaches down to take hold of your broken body and you begin to feel hope. Will you be repaired and your golden strings mended? Will you once again bond with your player whose gentle touch you are so longing for? Just as the excitement takes hold of you, your are lifted up and set aside. You are wondering if this is the moment of repair. The suspense is holding your attention, and just as you think a golden string is coming your way, you see a new violin...but this violin is not as beautiful as you! The strings are made of steel, unlike yours of gold. The body is tattered and worn, unlike your carefully polished finish. The bow of silk has been replaced by one of synthetic fibers. How can this be more inviting than you? You lay still, as you are still broken, and your now former player lifts his bow to this replacement violin. As the music begins, its sound is off key. He plays and plays, trying to tune the sound. He seems adamant on recreating the sound he was once seduced by with you. As he plays and plays, no color comes out and he must recall the memory of your sweetness to entice his soul. He plays and plays, but these strings of steel do not snap to a break. These strings are tough and refuse to bend, but the music coming out just isn't right. Your player glances over at your body and strings... and is stunned with surprise.
As he has been playing the used replacement violin, the strength in your soul has mended your body. The power of the love in your music has mended your golden strings. You feel perfect and ready to play. He looks down at the violin in his hand and then back over to you. He is longing to pick you up and play you, but he is unsure. You are obviously fragile enough to break under the race of his tempo... where the used, replacement violin may not. But that violin will never make the sweet mist of color and harmonious music of your two souls and hearts connecting. The thought of the seduction is overwhelming. The choice becomes obvious to him. He takes out a burlap sack and slides the replacement inside of it. He binds it tightly with the leftover steel strings he had on reserve...just in case this one should snap too. To this sight, you begin to sing in delight. He is astounded at the sound of your golden strings creating this music all of your own. He sees his silken bow gliding across your strings like a weaving of magic. He begins to relax into your sound and is drawn toward you. As he reaches out to lift you, your sound amplifies. He takes hold of his bow and your voice cries out with the sweetest, most harmonious sound ever created. Your gentle player begins to control his bow against your strings, he realizes that he has uncontrollably returned to you. He begins to allow himself to indulge in the music that you are creating together. The seduction of your sweetness races against his heart in perfect syncopation now. Your new strength is amplified by the speed of his pace and you both creating a sound ...each of your own. Together these sounds fall gracefully into tune and its mesmerizing effect slows his pace to a restful slumber. As your now gentle player dreams with you in arms, the connection on your golden heart strings bind tightly. Your scarlet red color blankets his soul and the sweetness settles into his subconscious. You begin to rest and relax into a dream. In your dream you continue to make glorious music and become consciously aware that the song you were playing in your dream, your player is humming in his sleep. The bond is created and now unbreakable. The used replacement violin with is worn body and strings of steel remains in its burlap sack, where it is there to stay.
The next time you play, it will be in front of a fire. In that fire will be the sack and its contents. Its demise will warm your space. In its absence, your color can once again paint your space and fill the air with sweet mist. All doubt is forever gone in flames. Your player awakens. He embraces you and holds you to his heart. You begin to sing and he begins to play. The fire is lit and the music is filling the air. As he plays, he hums and you are now making sweet music together. The bond is irreplaceable and unbreakable. As your sound turns to symphony, your gentle player knows he will never break you again. As your symphony gains strength and intensity, you both drift away into the harmonious sound that you will get to indulge in together....
for ever.

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