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Friday, February 26, 2010

Never Without a Fight

We fight for what we believe is right,
or for what we have to do.
It's not always easy.
It's not always clean.
Sometimes it can make you bleed.
It can take all of your strength in order to succeed,
but as long as it is worth it in the end.
Continue on your path and follow your feet,
and you shall no longer have to defend.

If it takes you far from home,
all who love you will embrace your return.
There's valor and courage in the strength to be honest,
and trust that has to be earned.

So fight your good fight and win your war,
let it bring you back to who you were before.
Before the war.
Life is a battle and in order to overcome,
you must know how to see the light.
So learn what you need in order to succeed,
and never go down without a fight.

1 comment:

  1. ~To Julianne
    ~From REAPER~
    What you wrote on this day was so true and from the heart that it touched my soul. My best friend here in this War zone to which I live, breath, and love to hate would have been very moved just as he was when he read all of your other writings. It would be the greatest gift to both he and I that you continue to wright you heart out...
    ~Thank you
    ~I have lost a great friend today. His Name was "Lance "War Dog" Warren" a true Gentlemen and one of the best Warriors I have ever had the privilege to share the field of Battle with. I will miss you brother. I truly will, I shed tear's of blood for you this day. I will meet you in the hall, when the last grain of sand hits the bottom of my hour glass. ~RIP WarDog~
    ~Your Friend & Brother in Arms~