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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Does what you see in a dream belong only to your sleep?
If not then our subconscious only runs so deep.

Does what you feel in a dream belong only to your slumber?
If it does, well then, the sound of your soul is lost to the thunder.

Does what you want in a dream mean you wish it could all come true?
Well, I imagine only the good, but that is up to you.

Does what you hear in a dream sound like song or a scream?
The songs we are singing are the comforts in life, while the latter can leave a sting.

Does what you taste in a dream your represent what you hunger for in life?
I believe it does, in fact, we taste with clarity what can satisfy a strife.

Does what we know about in our dreams mean that we know all about ourselves?
I don't know...
Could they mean that we may want something else?

Dreams are a mystery...
They are an escape...
They are the picture of our hearts dreaming for what they ache.

They are the window to our souls and all that they entail...
If following your dreams means following your heart,
How on earth can you fail?!

1 comment:

  1. i like the ending. this is to cool julez
    <3 Kelly