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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So remember when you were young and you were taught to share? I remember getting a brand new bike one time and I was so excited, I rode down the street to show my friend. I just wanted to show it off, but instead she insisted on riding it. This obviously created waves, because I didn't go there with the intention on sharing, I just wanted to show it off!!! So what did I do??? I turned around and drove away. Remember when you were little and you accidentally left your favorite toy out and someone insisted on playing with it? This could not have made you happy! So what did you do? Did you passively allow your irritation to hide and control your urge to snatch it back and show your generosity, when you were really screaming inside..."that's mine and I want it back!!!", or did you just snatch it back??? Well, I think it speaks alot for character on how well you learn to share. Screaming inside really hurts, but sometimes it's the only way to keep the peace and not get blamed for something that's not really your fault. Because when that other persons guardian comes looking for an explanation as to why you or this child is upset, that they are borrowing something that belongs to you, they just don't understand that it wasn't there to be borrowed in the first place! How do you explain that!!! Just come out and say, "hey, that's mine...I want it back!!", or " I'll bite you if you don't give that back!!!" , or are you just the one who takes it??? Let it go and watch everyone else share what you believe is truly yours, no matter how much it hurts or bothers you....and why do some of of so this you ask????
It's called dignity, honor, and respect for others that most of the world obviously does not possess. I believe it's what sets us apart from the others, as the amazing people of the world...not the weak... and certainly not the people who don't have the mind to just find their own toy to play with!!!!
To those of you, I feel sorry for you, because for you the world will always be an illusion, and those of us who are willing to allow the sharing...well, that patience only lasts for so long before the teeth come out and bite!!! But at least it's done with dignity, because we did give you the option to do the right thing, not be greedy, and allow people to get back what they rightfully own! If you can't...greedy, greedy, greedy to you....or maybe just ignorant! That's for you to decide!

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