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Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Way Out

So the air is tight,
panic sets in,
Your temperature starts to rise.
You cant breathe,
you can't think,
so you fall to the floor,
at this point you can't take any more.
The walls get closer and the ceiling is low
You cant stand the thought that there is no where to go.
So you gasp for breath and you shut your eyes,
as you begin to fall out, your consciousness flies.

It is far by now, to far to reach,
you wonder if you'll ever come back.
You need the outside and its fresh air to swallow
you try and try but the attempt is hollow.

There is someone to protect and make feel safe,
as you are not alone.
As you grab his hand and squeeze your eyes tight,
you hope that some miracle will make it right.

Just then it opens, the door to the air
and out with a rush you release your fear.
Hands tightly in grasp you run for the door
the air is close but you're stuck to the floor.

Pry your feet from the resting place
and move toward the sun.
Your young one is pulling to reach the outside
All in one moment you engage a large stride.
You are out and safe and have protected your young.
The feeling overwhelms as you move toward the sun.

Stepping outside you cry with relief,
so many things in life are not fair.
Look toward your young and make him a promise...
Next time we shall take the stairs!

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